World Conqueror 4 1.2.6 APK

World Conqueror 4 1.2.6 APK


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  • 软件名称World Conqueror 4
  • 软件分类 Strategy
  • 最新版本1.2.6
  • 支持ROM 4.3及更高版本
  • File Size123 MB
  • Updated
  • APK名称com.easytech.wc4


World Conqueror 4 DescriptionMexico is one of the weakest countries in the game, only two cities, weapons are still weak. But let a weak country to fight against the European powers more challenging thing. Although Mexico is weak, but has a unique geographical advantage, there is no country around the invasion of Mexico, so the early deposit of capital. 1, in the capital made special forces and mobile forces invaded Colombia, although he is a neutral country, but we have to be strong, it is best to beat it first. 2, after the port in Mexico and Colombia made destroyers, so that these ships and army troops arrived in Portugal, Portugal is also a neutral country said. The The Then the army landed quickly, under the cover of the destroyer, captured Lisbon. And then the United States and Brazil like the United States, invaded Spain (to keep the eye, the city accounted for as much as possible, the southeast of Spain to take the port, you can do battleship) 3, and then in the city of Sri Lanka and your occupation of the Spanish city of the construction of the army north, the northern city of Portugal captured, and then under the cover of the destroyer, the army bragged down to take the suburbs of La Coruna, after taking the northern port of Spain.  4, the next focus came, the battleship cover, the army pushed down Bordeaux, Bordeaux in the field of artillery tanks and the like to attack Paris, the battle is very important, Paris is a big city, equipment to be much more advanced to him Stronghold, expansion is much easier. 5. Then take the northern port of Paris, the construction of advanced weapons in Paris accounted for Brussels. This time the southern port of Ireland should be occupied by Germany, and this time to send factions and battleships to capture, there are aircraft carrier! 6, after the rapid construction of a large number of aircraft carriers, under the cover of the aircraft carrier to advance to the east, first won the Amsterdam, then won the Cologne, and then build a large number of army and fortress, attack Berlin, we must make good use of aircraft carrier - Not bad! 7, won the Berlin is so cool, super tanks, missiles are very cattle, and then continue to win the East into Copenhagen, Prague, Warsaw and other cities, if there is leisurely, in the southeastern port of Spain to build battleship battle group, cover the army Crossed the sea landed in southern France, captured Marseille, during which won Corsica and Sardinia, won the Italian Rome, after the attack in the Navy to sweep the Apennine.  8, after this, the basic situation on the finalization, the US military should seize most of the Japanese at this time, the British in Southeast Asia should be struggling, China should be close to the subjugation, but you keep pace to the east, will bring to other countries The development of space, Germany to the British pressure will be smaller, the situation in the United Kingdom in Southeast Asia will improve, the Soviet Union will quickly swept Eastern Europe, after helping to eliminate the Japanese.

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